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Mergerfs Union Filesystem on Arch Linux

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Mergerfs is a FUSE based union filesystem that allows pooling of mount points or other directories into a single virtual directory. While it does consume significant CPU resources and somewhat limit maximum throughput it works well otherwise and is easy to set up. It still offer sufficient performance for a home server use. It is very similar to other union file systems such as MHDDFS.

Install Headphones on Arch Linux

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Headphones is an automatic music downloader and manager. It is equivalent to CouchPotato or Sonarr but for music. For improved security it is installed under it’s own user and group. Backing up settings and the library is very simple and only requires a database and configuration files to be saved. The one major weakness of Headphones is that it uses MusicBrainz public mirror by default. The MusicBrainz public mirror is slow and unrelaible. This problem can be solved by using alternative server, either free or paid or running your own my setting up MusicBrainz VM Server with QEMU.

Install MHDDFS on Arch Linux

Install MHDDFS Fuse based Virtual Storage Pool on Arch Linux

Mhddfs allows to pool physical drive mount points or any other directories into a single virtual directory. It is fuse based so performance does take a hit so does the CPU resource usage. It does however work well otherwise and is easy to set up. It still offer sufficient performance for a home server use.

Install Subsonic on Arch Linux

subsonoc arch linux

Subsonic is a web based music streamer with transcoding capabilities. While a great concept, unfortunately it is purposely crippled by non-premium limitations that prevent the use of mobile apps as well as many other features. Madsonic is an alternative fork of Subsonic that may be a better option. It is a little different to install than for example Sonarr or CouchPotato as it is Java based as opposed to Mono or python based.

Install Sonarr on Arch Linux

Sonarr Arch Linux

Sonarr is a TV series download manager capable of downloading from Peer to Peer and Usenet networks. It is comparable to Couchpotato or Headphones except it manages only TV series. It integrates with rTorrentuTorrent Server, Deluge, NZBGet and many more downloaders. It can also make use of Jackett to communicate with BitTorrent trackers.