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Fix Screen Brightness Control bug on Windows 10

Some older laptops have issues after upgrading to Windows 10 when it comes to graphics due to drivers not getting patched with recent bug fixes. Certain older ATI Radeon graphics in particular have issues with brightness control not working on Windows 10 at all.

Flash Radeon RX 480 Firmware from 4GB to 8GB

Radeon RX 480 GPU

RX 480 4GB cards are often actually 8GB models flashed with 4GB firmware. This makes it possible to upgrade some 4GB cards to 8GB models with just a firmware re-flash. It may not work with all cards even the earlier models but it seems to be a common at least with the early RX 480 reference models. The card should have 1GB memory chips as 512MB chips are not used in 8GB model and so will not work with the 8GB firmware.