Install Subsonic on Arch Linux

Subsonic Arch Linux logo

Subsonic is a web based music streamer with transcoding capabilities. While a great concept, unfortunately it is purposely crippled by non-premium limitations that prevent the use of mobile apps as well as many other features. Libresonic is an alternative free and open-source fork that may prove to be a better option. In contrast to Sonarr, Radarr and Headphones it does not download new content but rather manage and provide convenient access to existing collections.


Install Subsonic

Install Packer if needed or use another package wrapper like Yaourt.


Install using packer.

packer -S subsonic


Configure Subsonic

Optionally add the user to secondary groups.

sudo usermod -a -G nzbget,utserver,headphones subsonic

This may be required to provide write permissions depending on permission settings on media directories. Write permissions are only required to allow changing tags. By default audio group is already added which is required to enable the jukebox feature.


Open the startup script.

sudo nano /var/lib/subsonic/

To enable HTTPS change SUBSONIC_HTTPS_PORT= from 0 to 8443 or another port value.


Install codecs and transcoders.

sudo pacman -S ffmpeg flac lame


Change current directory to the transcoding directory.

cd /var/lib/subsonic/transcode


Create symbolic links to codecs and transcoders.

sudo ln -s "$(which ffmpeg)"
sudo ln -s "$(which flac)"
sudo ln -s "$(which lame)"

For security reasons it will not search for transcoders so symbolic links must be created. Message in red reading "Notice: Transcoders does not appear to be installed. Click Help button for more information." will be displayed in Settings -> Users page if no symbolic links are created.


Use Subsonic

Start the service.

sudo systemctl start subsonic


Enable the service to run on boot.

sudo systemctl enable subsonic


Access the web interface in the browser on the default port 4040 and the current IP address. For example Login with admin username and password then change the username and password from the web interface to secure the installation.