Install Radarr on Arch Linux

Radarr is a movie download manager capable of downloading from BitTorrent and Usenet. It is a fork of Sonarr and is comparable to Couchpotato or Headphones. It integrates with rTorrentuTorrent Server, Deluge, NZBGet and many more downloaders. It can also make use of Jackett to communicate with BitTorrent trackers.


Install Radarr

Install Packer if needed or use another package wrapper like Yaourt.


Install with packer.

packer -S radarr


Optionally add the system user to secondary groups.

sudo usermod -a -G nzbget,rtorrent,amule,users radarr


Backup Radarr Settings

Settings and the database can be backed up from the web interface by navigating to System -> Backup and click the Backup button. After the it has finished backing up the archive can be downloaded for safe keeping. Alternatively the files can be backed up manually by copying the entire directory that also contains additional files like images and logs.


Backup the system directory manually.

sudo cp -R /var/lib/radarr/ /mnt/backup/


Restore Radarr Settings

Stop the service.

sudo systemctl stop radarr.service


Remove the current App data directory.

sudo rm -Rd /var/lib/radarr


Extract the backup archive downloaded from the web interface.

sudo unzip -d /var/lib/radarr/


Alternatively move the copied backup directory.

sudo cp -R /mnt/backup/radarr/ /var/lib/


Apply permissions to the new App data directory.

sudo chown -R radarr:radarr /var/lib/radarr


Run Radarr

Start the service.

sudo systemctl start radarr.service


Enable the service to run on boot.

sudo systemctl enable radarr.service


Use Radarr

Access the web interface in the browser on the default port 7878 and the current IP address. For example Configure other settings from the settings page.

It currently has many bugs and missing or broken features so it may be more functional to install Couchpotato for the time being. Metadata features are completely missing and multi part movies are not supported making it difficult to use. On the other hand there are several features that CouchPotato doesn’t have not to mention long standing bugs such as broken permission settings.