Jackett on Arch Linux

Jackett Arch Linux logo

Jackett is a proxy server that provides a translation service between applications like CouchPotatoSonarr or Headphones and tracker sites. It supports many private trackers. Instead of configuring the tracker directly in the app, it is now configured in the web interface and added to the app as a generic indexer.


Install Jackett

Install Packer if needed or use another package wrapper like Yaourt.


Install using packer.

packer -S jackett



Backup Jackett Settings

Copy the configuration directory.

sudo cp -R /usr/share/Jackett/.config /mnt/backup/Jackett


Restore Jackett Settings

Stop the service.

sudo systemctl stop jackett.service


Remove existing configuration directory.

sudo rm -Rd /usr/share/Jackett/


Copy the backup configuration directory.

sudo cp -R /mnt/backup/Jackett /usr/share/.config


Run Jackett

Start the service.

sudo systemctl start jackett


Enable the service to run on boot.

sudo systemctl enable jackett



Use Jackett

Access the web interface in the browser on the default port 9117 and the current IP address. For example From the web interface optionally set a password and change the port from the default value.

Define the Manual download blackhole directory to allow saving of .torrent files from the Manual Search results page. Once the indexers are added they also need to be added to each app that needs to be able to query that specific tracker.


To add trackers in Sonarr navigate to Settings -> Indexers  and click Add Indexer. Under torrent section choose Torznab provider and Enter the Name, URL and API Key.


In CouchPotato navigate to Settings -> Searcher. Under Torrent Providers section Add a TorrentPotato provider entering the Host and Pass Key and omitting the Username field.


In Headphones navigate to Config -> Search Providers and select the Jackett / Torznab Providers checkbox. Add Torznab HostTorznab API and select enabled checkbox.