Install Tvheadend on Ubuntu 14.04

Install Tvheadend on Ubuntu Linux

Tvheadend is a TV streaming server for Linux. Hardware devices can be managed and live TV can be viewed directly via the web interface albeit with somewhat of an outdated user interface. It makes a great back-end to a media centre such as Kodi. Among other things it can also record based on user defined schedule.


Install Tvheadend

Add a PPA repository.

sudo apt-add-repository -r


Import the GPG signing key.

curl | sudo apt-key add -


Add the repository.

sudo apt-add-repository

To receive more bleeding edge release stable can be replaced by beta or unstable.


Update the package list.

sudo apt-get update


Install the package.

sudo apt-get install tvheadend

Enter administrator username and password when asked.


Configure TvHeadend

Create a system user and group.

sudo useradd -r -s /bin/false -m tvheadend


Optionally add the user to secondary groups.

sudo usermod -a -G nzbget,utserver tvheadend


Run Tvheadend

Create a new upstart script.

sudo nano /etc/init/tvheadend.conf


Copy the script and save the configuration file.

description "Tvheadend upstart script"
author "DominicM @"

# What user to run as
setuid tvheadend

# What group to run as
setgid tvheadend

# When to start the service
start on runlevel [2345]

# When to stop the service
stop on runlevel [016]

# Automatically restart process if crashed

# Start the process
exec /usr/local/bin/tvheadend -f -u root -g video -s -C
end script


Run Tvheadend with upstart.

start tvheadend


Use TvHeadend

Access Tvheadend in your browser on the default port 9981 and the current IP address. For example Log in with the administrator username and password entered earlier.