Install Packer on Arch Linux

Packer on Arch Linux

Packer is a wrapper for Pacman that allows installing packages from Arch User Repository (AUR). Just like Yaourt it makes life easier by eliminating the need to manually compile packages available on AUR. Once the package is downloaded from git and compiled it can be installed with Pacman like any other package.


Install Packer

Install required dependencies.

sudo pacman -S wget git expac jshon


Create a temporary directory for the installation.

mkdir packer


Change current directory to the temporary installation directory.

cd packer


Download the package build script from AUR.

sudo wget


Rename the downloaded file.



Compile the package using PKGBUILD.



Install the newly created package.

sudo pacman -U packer-20150808-1-any.pkg.tar.xz

The -U option specifies a package that is not from the Pacman repositories. Check the exact name of the created package with the ls command and replace the name if needed after the -U option.


Navigate out of the temporary installation directory.

cd ..


Clean up by removing the temporary installation directory.

sudo rm -dR packer


Use Packer

Packer can be used to install NZBDrone / Sonarr on Arch Linux, install Emby / Media Browser on Arch Linux or many other packages available on AUR.