Install Emby Server on Arch Linux

Install Emby Server / Media Browser Arch Linux

Emby, previsously known as Media Browser 3 is a web based interface that allows to view and manage movies, TV series and music among other things. Emby can also scrape metadata for Kodi and other media center software. Another major feature is streaming local videos over the network or internet with automatic transcoding which can be very especially when bandwith is limited. Unfortunately there is no simple way to migrate from Media Browser 3 to Emby due to shortsighted design of the database. The simplest solution is to export metadata with “Save artwork and metadata into media folder” option and then import metadata from media folder into Emby once it is installed.


Create Emby Server Credentials

Create a system account and group.

sudo useradd -r -s /bin/false emby


Optionally add the user to secondary groups.

sudo usermod -a -G couchpotato,sonarr,headphones emby


Install Emby Server

If needed install Packer on Arch Linux or install Yaourt on Arch Linux or use another package wrapper.


Install Emby Server with packer.

packer -S emby-server


Start Emby

Start emby-server with systemd service.

sudo systemctl start emby-server


Enable emby-server systemd service to start at boot.

sudo systemctl enable emby-server


Access Emby

Access Emby Server on and configure it by following the wizard.

Change to the actual IP address if different. Leave the default port as 8096 unless it has been changed.