Install Deluge on Arch Linux

Install Deluge Server & Web Interface on Arch Linux

Deluge is a Python based torrent client that consists of a back-end and front-end components. Daemon runs in the background while the interface can be one of several options. For a headless server web interface component is the most obvious option.


Install Deluge

Install the package from the official repository with pacman.

sudo pacman -S deluge


Install optional dependencies.

sudo pacman -S python2-service-identity python2-mako


Add the user to secondary groups (optional).

sudo usermod -a -G couchpotato,sonarr,headphones deluge


Setup Download Directories

Default download directory is /srv/deluge/ Downloads but can be changed from the web interface or by editing the web.conf file located in /srv/deluge/.config/. When editing any configuration files make sure to stop the systemd service as otherwise the settings are likely to get reset.

If all torrent status changes to error it may be due to permission issues or otherwise due to a possible bug that manifests itself when download directories are changed.


Create the download directories.

mkdir /mnt/downloads/deluge/torrents -p

Sub-directories will be automatically created because of the -p option.


Set the ownership on the download directory.

sudo chown deluge:deluge -R /mnt/downloads/deluge


Set the permissions on the download directory.

sudo chmod 770 -R /mnt/downloads/deluge


Configure Auto Connect

Open the web interface configuration file.

sudo nano /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/web.conf

Enter the host and port of the deluged service after the default_daemon option. For example assuming deluged and deluge-web are running on the same host and default port.


Run Deluge

Start the daemon and the web interface services.

sudo systemctl start deluged deluge-web


Enable the daemon and web interface services to start on boot.

sudo systemctl enable deluged deluge-web


Use Deluge

Default port is 8112 unless it has been changed manually. Change to the actual IP address of the server. Access Deluge server via the web interface on and configure it from the settings page.