Install CouchPotato on Arch Linux

Install CouchPotato on Arch Linux

CouchPotato is a movie download manager capable of downloading from Peer to Peer and Usenet networks. It is comparable to Sonarr or Headphones except it manages only movies. It integrates with uTorrent, Deluge, NZBGet and many more downloaders.


Install CouchPotato

Install Packer if needed or use another package wrapper like Yaourt.


Install using packer.

packer -S couchpotato


Optionally add the system user to secondary groups.

sudo usermod -a -G nzbget,utserver,amule couchpotato


Install optional dependencies.

sudo pacman -S python2-pyopenssl


Set the ownership on the installation directory.

sudo chown -R couchpotato:couchpotato /usr/lib/couchpotato


Backup CouchPotato

Copy the configuration directory to the backup location.

sudo cp -R /var/lib/couchpotato/ /mnt/backup/

This will backup everything including metadata. To backup only the settings copy only the config.ini file.


Restore CouchPotato

Stop the systemd service.

sudo systemctl stop couchpotato.service


Remove the current data directory.

sudo rm -Rd /var/lib/couchpotato


Copy backup to the data directory.

sudo cp /mnt/backup/couchpotato /var/lib/couchpotato


Set the ownership on the new data directory.

sudo chown -R couchpotato:couchpotato /var/lib/couchpotato


Run CouchPotato

Start the service.

sudo systemctl start couchpotato.service


Enable the service to run on boot.

sudo systemctl enable couchpotato.service


Use CouchPotato

Access the web interface in the browser on the default port 5050 and the current IP address. For example Follow the wizard to setup the username and password. Configure other settings from the options page.

  • Flatshift

    [raspberry@pi ~]$ sudo packer -S couchpotato
    Aur Targets (1): couchpotato
    Proceed with installation? [Y/n] y
    Edit couchpotato PKGBUILD with $EDITOR? [Y/n] y
    Edit couchpotato.install with $EDITOR? [Y/n] y
    makepkg: invalid option ‘–asroot’
    The build failed.

    Looks like this got broken in makepkg 4.2.0 –

    FIX: Run command without sudo as makepkg apparently should not be done as root, package install prompts for sudo rights when installing.

    • You are correct, packer changed some time ago to disallow running as root. Article corrected now.

  • Flatshift

    Arch users will also want to “pacman -S python2-pyopenssl” in order to resolve couch potato log msg: ERROR [chpotato.core._base._core] OpenSSL not available, please install for better requests validation: ``

    • I haven’t specifically installed this package but have not seen this error either. Could it have been installed as a dependency for another package?

      • Flatshift

        I’m on a pretty bare and recent install of arch-arm7 for my new Rpi2 headless server. As it’s only running sonarr/couchpotato/nzbget along with some basic cli tools, seems nothing else I have required pyopenssl. The pyopenssl package looks to be listed apart of the Extra repo. Since Couchpotato is installed via the AUR, may be why it doesn’t install any further dependencies. Sonarr installed python2-lxml, but not pyopenssl. Just cough it as I was rolling back through, squashing any issues/errors. Maybe it previously installed with python2 but no longer does? I’m not sure. Just wanted to help out.

        • I am not finding pyopensslin the AUR, can you link to it? Perhaps it’s because you are running ARM Arch?

          • Flatshift

            pyopenssl is on Main – – and Couchpotato is on AUR.

            I know the ARM build is maintained by a different group, so it may be that. It does shows openssl as a dependency for x86 python2 –, but does not list the pyopenssl module. OpenSSL is part of CORE, so is already installed, however CouchPotato seems to request the pyopenssl module, which is part of Extra on Main. The ARM page – doesn’t seem to provide a list of dependencies that I can find, but from that it doesn’t look like it would install on either platform currently unless you request it to do so currently.

            I checked too to see if its something that only comes up when you enable ssl login, but I do not have that yet configured.

            Maybe you already had pyopenssl from something else? Or especially interesting if you don’t have the package installed at all currently and aren’t seeing the error. I think the 3.0 update was in August, so maybe its new too.

          • I checked and I do not have python-pyopenssl-0.15.1-2 installed and see no errors in journalctl. Perhaps ARM version is different.

          • Flatshift

            Doublecheck for python2-pyopenssl 0.15.1-2 as python-pyopenssl is for Python3.5 and CouchPotato is written in Python2

          • pacman -Qe | grep openssl (or python2) returns nothing so it does not seem like any openssl packages are installed.

          • Ok, it seems that it only became a dependency after the latest update. I do see the error message now though I does not appear to be required for now at least.