Install Copy Cloud Sync in Command Line on Arch Linux

Install Copy Cloud in Command Line on Arch Linux

Copy Cloud service currently offers 15 GB out of the fox for free. This alone is better than most services. For example if you setup Dropbox on Arch Linux you will only be getting 2 GB to start. With Copy it’s also possible to gain an extra 5 GB per referral up to 25 GB of additional storage compared to 16 GB maximum with Dropbox. Before you install Copy, sign up for a copy account with a referral link which will get you 5 GB extra storage.


Install Copy Cloud Service

Install Packer on Arch Linuxinstall Yaourt or use another package wrapper.


Install the package with packer.

packer -S copy-agent


Configure Copy

Create a sync directory or use an existing directory.

sudo mkdir /mnt/storage/copy


Set ownership on the sync directory.

sudo chown -R dom:dom /mnt/storage/copy


Set permissions on the sync directory.

sudo chmod -R 770 /mnt/storage/copy


Start Copy Console

Run CopyConsole manually for the first time to save the parameters for the subsequent runs.

CopyConsole -p=xxxxxxxx -r=/mnt/storage/copy

Provide the email of the account with -u parameter and password with -p parameter. Set Copy root sync directory with -r parameter. Issuing this command will begin syncing data from and to the Copy cloud service. This process can be aborted safely with Ctrl + C.

The configuration files are saved in ~/.copy. This command should be executed by every user that will use Copy.


Start the daemon with systemd.

systemctl --user start copy-console


Enable the daemon to start on boot with systemd.

systemctl --user enable copy-console


Copy Console daemon should now run in the background as the current user and synchronise data using the information specified previously. Systemd script should be enabled by every user that wants to use Copy. Unfortunately there is no internal way to limit bandwidth like it can be done in the Desktop application.