ESP8266: Sming Framework with Eclipse on Arch Linux

Sming Framework with Eclipse

Sming Framework can be used from command line but it can also be configured to work with an integrated development environment (IDE). Before proceeding to setup Eclipse first configure Sming Framework on Arch Linux.


Install C++ variant of Eclipse from official repositories.

sudo pacman -S eclipse-cpp


Set Sming directory ownership to the current user.

sudo chown -R dom:users /opt/Sming


A non fatal error will be displayed if the user does not have write permissions.

Problem running CDT Scanner Discovery provider
Error serializing language settings
Internal error while trying to serialize language settings
Parent of resource: /opt/Sming/samples/Basic_Blink/.settings is marked as read-only.


Import Sming Sample Projects

Navigate to Window -> Import then General -> Existing Projects into Workspace and click Next.

Eclipse Import window

Eclipse Import window.


Browse for or enter Sming samples directory path which is by default /opt/Sming/samplesSelect all sample projects and hit Finish.

Eclipse Import Sming Sample Projects window.

Eclipse Import window showing Sming Sample Projects


Enable Sming Code Completion

Navigate to Window -> Preferences then expand C/C++ -> Build menus, select Environment and hit Add. In the Name field enter ESP_HOME and in the Value field enter the path to the ESP SDK then click OK. Repeat the step replacing the Name field with ESP_HOME and the Value field with the path to Sming installation directory.

Eclipse New Variable window

Eclipse New Variable window.


Select Replace native environment with specified one option and hit OK.

Eclipse Sming Framework Environment Variable window

Eclipse Environment variables window showing ESP SDK and Sming Framework variables.


Enable code completion and get rid of false error reporting right click on a chosen project and select Properties. From the properties window select Project References, tick SmingFramework checkbox and hit OK.

Eclipse Sming Project References window

Eclipse Project Properties window Sming Project References.


Bring up code completion hinting with CTRL + Space shortcut.