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Install uTorrent Server on Ubuntu Linux

24th October 2014 at 04:00


uTorrent is a well known bit torrent application that’s now available as a server application with a web GUI. It has features similar to those of the desktop version, thought not quite as many. When compared to other bit torrent applications like Transmission, uTorrent has far more advanced features. It is currently in alpha so bugs are likely to be encountered, it is still worth a try so lets install it!

Partition hard drives with command line in Ubuntu Linux

20th October 2014 at 00:07

WD RED 6TBThere are some great tools available on Linux to format and partition hard drives and other media. GParted is probably one of the best known tools out there. It can do a lot of stuff but unfortunately only if you run a desktop. On the terminal the options get thinner and more convoluted. Several older tools and commands don’t like GPT partitioning tables and so will not function fully. You need GPT partition tables to be able to makes use of hard drives larger than 2TB. I had three WD 6TB RED hard drives to format and partition, here’s what I did.

Install CouchPotato on Ubuntu Server

19th October 2014 at 15:45

couchpotato logo

As you probably already know CouchPotato is an automated movie downloader. To be exact it will search for a movie and send it to a download application for the actual download. I don’t trust CP to select the correct release as it’s not that advanced. I use it as a search aggregation and bookmark app for movies. Now lets install and set it up on Ubuntu Server!